Retail & Center Management

Our team offers clients expert advice based on many years of experience in the strategic management of retail centres. We look to maximise the value of each asset on a long-term basis and in the day to day operation, from the development of centre concepts, to market and trend-oriented rental and marketing strategies, to consistent tenant support.

We have extensive expertise in the holistic management of shopping centres and similar retail properties, enabling us to ensure a first-class service. We can support you in the development of centre concepts both before the initial opening as well as for repositioning, and create market and trend-appropriate leasing and marketing strategies.

Our local teams will manage the relationships with tenants and can organise the external advertising and promotion of your centre. We can represent you on-site and ensure the smooth day to day facilities management of the facility, as well as represent you with all other service providers.

Based on research and analysis of trends, we can help you increase customer footfall at your centre, and help you find the right mix of tenants to match your strategy. We can also use customized digital tools for better data collection and evaluation, and provide a tailored reporting and control system.

Strategic management, operational organization and positioning of shopping centres

  • Holistic management and advice
  • Commercial and technical centre management
  • Management of refurbishment measures and technical advice

Long-term retail experience and trend advice

  • Many years of experience in the conception, management and administration of shopping centres
  • High-level and efficient service

Development of centre concepts

  • Functional usage concepts and space management aligned to your strategy
  • Optimization of the branch mix and localization of tenants
  • Linking of online and offline identity

Leasing and marketing strategies

  • Target group-oriented communication
  • Collaboration with advertising agencies if required

Proactive tenant support

  • Central contact person on site
  • Constant communication for high tenant satisfaction

Trend and competition analyses

  • Analysis of tenant and customer demand and international benchmarking
  • Retail trends, consumer behaviour and rental conditions

Efficient daily operation

  • Ensuring safety and cleanliness at all times
  • FM control and other service providers
  • Additional services for tenants and customers

Quality of stay and customer experience

  • Duration of customer stay as critical measure for sales success
  • Experience shopping for customer attraction

Sales and frequency evaluations

  • Ongoing documentation and analysis of frequency, turnover and consumption patterns
  • Advice on management of optimization measures

Organization of advertising associations

  • Representation of owners' interests within the advertising community
  • Professional marketing and uniform consumer approach

Digital Tools

  • Implementing sustainability standards
  • Resource consumption monitoring and optimization
  • Minimizing risks and ensuring compliance in terms of operator responsibility