Bell Property Management Report 2020

1st Place Retail
2nd Place Office / 2nd Place Living

CityQuartier DomAquarée, Berlin

Property Management

Jenoptik, Jena

Property and facility management for German locations

Apleona Real Estate Management

Apleona Real Estate Management offers management services for real estate of all types of use. It helps secure and increase properties’ income and value potential.

Its wide range of services extends from centre, fund and asset management to commercial and technical property management, letting and leasing, leasehold improvements and space management, as well as corporate solutions.

All services are provided on a modular basis or in an integrated package.

In a regional or transregional account structure according to customer requirements, country-specific and service-specific operating companies ensure optimum performance and a uniformly high standard of quality across national borders.

Apleona Real Estate Management’s customers include leading industrial companies, investment funds, insurance companies, banks, developers, owners and users.


Union Investment Real Estate

Location: Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey

Property Management

Since 2008, Apleona Real Estate has been doing the Property and Centre Management for a steadily growing office, hotel and retail portfolio in four European countries. Union Investment Real Estate is exclusively served in a key account.


Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Asset Management

Since 2009, Apleona GVA has brought continuous improvement and increase in value to the 186m high office tower through extensive Asset Management services.

Schlössle Galerie

Schlössle Galerie

Location: Pforzheim, Germany

Centre Management

Apleona GVA does the Centre Management for the approximately 17,000 m² of the Schlössle Galerie. Further services provided are rental services as well as advisory on sustainability and energy consumption.

Glazen Duo

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Fund Management

Purchased 2005 for the Hanseatische Immobilienfonds Holland 26 with a fixed ten-year lease agreement. In 2016 an annex building was realized and the existing buildings were completely modernized. A new 12-year lease agreement was closed to secure the value and return on the property in the long term.

Holland Portfolio

Holland Portfolio

Location: Netherlands

Fund Management

In 2016 the loans of a portfolio with 14 properties were restructured in consultation with the financing bank and sold to a new lender. Apleona GVA took the position of the owner of the real estate companies for the new lender and the portfolio and object strategy was jointly developed.


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